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About Duett

As riders and professional trainers of cobs and cob type horses and ponies, we were spending valuable time trying to find suitable saddles which met our requirements. We found there was little choice, and even less selection in width and design for our widest and broadest cobs.

"My Duett saddle is PERFECT!! Success!!
Nancy was right about riding in the saddle for an hour for a true fitting.
We've now ridden in it about 4 times, and it looks as if she's had it specially made for her!! She looks lovely in it too. We're all really pleased with the fit, including Autumn our pony!"


So we made it our mission to source the ideal saddle for our needs. We wanted saddles that were supremely comfortable for both ourselves as well as our horses. When you spend most of the day on a horse, you have to consider the luxury factor. Our horses’ well being is paramount, we can’t expect them to perform well if the saddle is slipping or sliding around.  We ride in all weathers, which means we need well made saddles that stand up to the toughest conditions without showing signs of wear and tear.

Angelica in her Allegro SaddleDiscovering the Duett brand has definitely contributed to the success of our cobs and horses, whether out hacking or in competition.  We ride daily in our Duetts, and are delighted to have found exactly the sort of saddles we were looking for.

We were in no doubt that many riders were experiencing similar problems, so we talked to Duett’s founder, Nancy Temple, who designed the Duett range using feedback and suggestions for new models from customers and dealers (such feedback is of course always welcome) about introducing them to the UK.

“At first we were skeptical of Duett's claim that their saddles would fit the really wide "table backed " horses, since we have seen many other saddle companies that same claim.  Nancy Temple, the owner of the company, owns Haflingers, so she has had some hands on experience in fitting challenging horses!

We took these saddles to a few of our "wide bodied fitting nightmares" and we were thrilled with the results.  These saddles really ‘sit down’ on the horses' backs and don’t leave you with that unstable perched up in the air feel.  We were very impressed with the quality of the leather and workmanship in a modestly priced saddle." Trumball

Mountain Tack Shop

We are proud to be sole distributors in the UK and Republic of Ireland for the entire Duett brand. All Duett saddles are contractually protected and are exclusive to Duett.  You won’t see our models anywhere else, and you can only purchase them from Duett. 

We are very lucky to be endorsed by both and the Natural Horsemanship Centre who use Duett saddles because they know that a big part of training and production requires careful consideration when it comes to saddle fitting.

We have a full range of uniquely designed saddles for every aspect of your horses' training and for all of your requirements, please contact us to find out more about these and how you can purchase these either through our website with our unique seven day trial policy or to find a stockist near you.

Duett Team

The Duett team at BETA 2009 who thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with our fellow traders – thanks to everyone who came over and said hello, we look forward to building our relationship this coming year








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